I am a good and honest man with high prestige and integrity
会员ID : 1083 现居住地: 中国Tianjin 国籍 : 中国
性别 : 身高(cm): 176 年龄: 56
学历 : 博士 婚姻状况 : 丧偶 生肖 : 羊      星座 : 狮子座
祖籍: 台湾 信仰 : 基督教 职业 : Public Officer
体重(KG) : 70 有无小孩 : 有-有时住在家里 年收入 : 58000
中文: 非常好 英文 : 还好 最近登录时间 : 2018-10-31 20:09:33
是否酗酒 : 有时候 吸烟否 : 经常抽烟 注册日期 : 2018-10-31
内心独白 :

I have been single ever since I lost my wife and I am ready to start a new life with a new love. I think the distance is not a problem for me. I believe any of us can relocate if we get to find happiness. I am willing to relocate closer to the right partner and be happy with the person. To be honest, I do NOT fear the distance because Communications are key, fail to do that are easy to cause misunderstandings.

兴趣爱好 :
reading Books, newspapers and Magazine, I love watching TV, Sport, Swimming, Traveling, I love to travel, I enjoy different types of concerts, I like listening to music like, Blues, classical and in my free time I enjoy going out to watch Cinema and I als

理想伴侣 :
A good and honest woman who will love me in return as much as i do

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